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The Kingdom of God is not limited to one small congregation in West Covina.  We believe that God's work is global and because of that belief we support several ministries outside our city, outside our state, and outside our country.  We support the City of Children Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico,  We support the Emedom Family and their labors for God in Nigeria.  We support the Ankiah Family and their work for the Lord in South Africa.  We support "In Search of the Lord's Way" television program.  We also support preaching students at several of our Bible colleges around the United States.

Please keep all of these ministries in your prayers.

The City of Children Orphanage

This orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico has been operated by the churches of Christ for several decades.  The South Hills congregation is just one of many American congregations that supports the work of caring for the local orphans of Ensenada.  James tells us that "pure and undefiled religion is to care for the widows and orphans."  God is certainly doing wonderful things in the lives of these children because of faithful men and women that serve at this location.

Ryan & Alecs Brewer

The Brewers are going to be new students at the SouthWest School of Bible Studies in Austin, Texas this year.  Ryan has been preaching for the Vacaville congregation for a while, but he wants to expand his knowledge by attending a formal school of preaching.  We are very excited to be part of this effort by supporting Ryan and Alecs in a small way.  Please pray for them as they grow in Christ and will be graduating in the summer of 2023.

In Search of the Lord's Way

Check your local TV listing for "In Search of the Lord's Way" television program on Sunday mornings.  This program can also be viewed on the web at"> .

Volunteer Groups

We are always looking for people to volunteer for service to the Lord.  We encourage all of our members to show their faith by their works.  Even the smallest gesture of kindness gives glory to God when done with that purpose in mind.  Jesus not only served, but He asked His disciples to serve others also.  May God be honored by our everyday decisions to help others; to speak a kind encouraging word to someone in need, and to also go beyond our words to love in deed. 

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